Tools, Tool, and More Tools!

Wa-pow! Okay. Just wanted to get that out of our systems. Really, we always want to make it a point to remind our audience that we are true ninja warriors whenever and wherever cybersecurity is involved. That stated, it recently dawned on us that it might be helpful to create a home cyber sifu tools page for our readers to reference should they….you…find themselves (yourself) having needs for software and/or hardware products/tools that better secure your home cyber environment. Some of these products and tools are free and some have a cost associated with them. The ones that are free provide basic amounts of function. However, as with any type of service on this great green (in most spots) world of ours, you get out what you put in. So, with the cyber software and hardware products that cost a dime or two, you will find that the capabilities of the “spend a few bucks” products, reach a bit further.

Are you having a heart attack? Me, too! Because “money talk” breeds anxiety for a lot of people. Breathe and know that Jeff and I are both consumers. We have families. We scrimp. We save money. Nothing frivolous is going on over here. Maybe some Scattergories and shopping for bulk at Costco. Did I just digress? Oh well. Back on track, because we feel that there is a need to display reputable cybersecurity software and hardware product on its own glorious page, we are currently working hard to identify tools that can and will be a benefit to home users. As time moves along, our plan is to update our cyber tools list as highly functional products update, outdate, become obsolete, etc. In other words, we intend to absolutely keep you apprised and informed of products that are beneficial immediately so that, from the get-go, you are not going to be wasting your time, nor your money.

So go visit our Home Cyber Tools page frequently and hopefully you find something that helps you live life more securely.

Christina Myers

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