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It’s been a little over seven months since Homecybersifu went online on January 12, 2015 as we focused on sharing knowledge on how the home users can be more cyber secured and protect themselves from cyber crime. We have be able to steadily increase our readership every month over that time. We have over 800 visits over the last month and continue to obtain new visitors to the site every month. We have spent most of last 7 months putting together longer blog posts providing helpful tips and hints related to improving home cybersecurity on common topics of interest to the home user. We have also worked on getting the website up and going, and brainstorming on how to better present the wealth of information we have on preventing you from being a victim of cybercrime. Although we haven’t been able to blog as much as we had hoped to when we started this venture, we have been able to publish blog posts on a handful of relevant topics of interest to general population.

I would like to thank each and every one of our readers who have consistently revisited the website and shared this website with others. Hopefully, the posts we have published has provided a good baseline to educate the general population on some of the cyber issues associated with the home environment. Given that this blog is currently being developed as side venture to our regular jobs, there is still much we would like to do with the blog/website so that eventually this will hopefully be the go to resource for home cyber security information and references.

My partner in crime, Christina has been a great influence in working with me initially to get the website up and running. And she has learned quite a bit about cybersecurity herself from blogging and editing my blog posts. Unfortunately, her passion is not in Cybersecurity as much as mine is, thus she will be leaving the website to pursue her career interests. But I am sure if enough people leave comments about how great the humor and levity in her posts were to this website, she will continue to contribute in the future as a guest blogger in her free time. I will now be taking over responsibility for the website structure, development, content, and blogging.

I will be moving forward with what I have learned over the last few months to revamping this website a bit to better present home cyber security information to our readers.

  • I will focus on adding content to specific areas of cybersecurity which are important to the home users. The areas I will focus on will include Home Network Security, Cyber Bullying, Online Privacy, Computer Security, Smartphone security, Social Media Cyber threats, Data breaches, and the internet of things.
  • I will start putting blog posts together on various cyber security tools which many home users may not be aware of but I find provide a certain level of security that I use for myself or would recommend to others who are concerned with cyber protection.
  • I plan to continue to add video links to good videos relevant to home cyber security to the video page of the website.
  • The store will be revamped to focus on specific products which I have researched that I think would be products of interest to our readers.
  • Long term goals including completing a book related to home cyber security and home cyber consulting in the Detroit Metro area.

In the near term, the website will be going through some modifications, so please bear with me while I revamp the website. I will continue to post blogs while the website is being updated. I hope you continue to follow this website/blog, and sign up to receive emails when I post a new blog. Also, I would love to hear feedback from you on what you like and dislike about my efforts, as I truly want to make this website one that you will return to often and recommend to others.

What are other areas of interest or resources related to home cyber security would you like to see addressed by this website? Please comment below or send me an email with your suggestions.

Jeff (Homecybersifu)

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