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I look for the best products for protecting yourselves and your family from cyber attack and compromise at home. Unfortunately, I lack the time and the budget to get each and every cyber product in the market, try it out and put a review here at the home cybersecurity store.  When I do look for cyber products to help protect our home environment, I use my background as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) to cut through the clutter that many advertisers use. I dissect their marketing pitch to determine precisely what our home users really need to protect their home environment from cyber compromise.

I know that most home users live on a budget, as do I raising two young kids. Investing in cyber security products is not on the top of my list, but I do invest in cyber products that provide a high value for cyber protection for their cost. I understand that risks assessments are influenced by how much people can afford.

I have been asked from friends and family members on recommendations for many cyber products. What I have found is that many of them buy products from the store without doing any personal research, usually relying on the "Best Buy" salesman to spew out a bunch of technical terms which they don't quite follow, and usually overpaying for a product which a less expensive one would have worked just as well. 

Or, my friends and family speak of a cyber issue, and they don't know of available cyber products out there which would have prevented their compromise. Given the state of cyber today, I discover new products that come out weekly, and I usually research the product to determine if its any benefit to protect our home environment. Thus, please come back frequently to this website for new products that handles the latest cyber threats.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions anywhere on this site if there are specific cyber areas that are not addressed. I will do my best to research and publish any products that I can find to help you live a better cyber secured life at home for yourself and you family.

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