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My brother-in-law asked me after visiting this blog: “What are you going to do to differentiate yourself from all the other security blogs that exist out there.”   I mean really, you can google cybersecurity blogs and there are probably hundreds of blogs that will come up, as cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. I told him that this blog is focused on protecting family and friends, not the business and companies from cyber threats and cyber attacks.  If I can get friends and families and their friends and families to come to this site to find out how to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats that are applicable to them, then we have achieved our objective.

As part of my day job, I spend a lot of time reviewing the latest security topics and vulnerabilities across various different publications and blogs.  But probably 90 percent of what I read in security blogs are geared towards small/big business and government cyber issues.   The other 10 percent are applicable to my target audience:

  • folks who have home network concerns
  • folks who vacation with all of their IT equipment which opens them up to cyber threats
  • grandparents who finally purchased an iphone/ipad to facetime with their grandkids
  • children who use the family computer or have a cell phone of their own
  • friends who send pictures and instant messages and emails via their smartphones and communicate on social media

The 10 percent of what I read that apply to the home user are the blog topics that I want to compile and share via this site.

Most security blogs are very technical in nature such that topics discussed would not really raise an eyebrow to those not working in the security arena. This is where we differentiate from the other blogs.  My day job is to protect cyber on a larger scale, but my passion is really to help those around me live a more cyber secure lifestyle, such as:

  • helping my co-hort Christina apply some of these cyber tools to better secure and protect herself and her family personal information
  • helping my in-laws and  sister-in-laws in installing required security tools on their computers or wiping their hard drives securely,
  •  helping neighbors in teaching their kids how to protect themselves from cyber bullying and from vulnerabilities with all the electronics that they now have
  • helping friends in understanding how to communicating security over email and the internet using required encryption technology.

Instead of just helping my friends and family, I want to be able to help friends of friends, friends of families, and mostly helping kids of families to live a more cyber secured lifestyle.  I have two boys of my own who I will be raising in this increasingly technology influenced society and will make sure they understand and live a cyber-secured lifestyle early for their protection and safety. I am happy to share what I know with other families in hope that they can protect their children also, thus is the reason I decided to put this blog together.  And I thank Christina for finally giving me the push this year and working with me to get this off the ground.   So if you like this blog, please share it with friends and family, because this is what this blog/website focuses on protecting with respect to cybersecurity. And come back often, as my objective is to post at least 2 blogs per week discussing home cyber security concerns that everyone should know about to help everyone become more cyber aware of the current threats.


Jeff (Homecybersifu)

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