Hackers Crushed My Smartphone During My Candy Adventures!

Well, not my smartphone, per se. However, recent reports have told us that hackers have been using gaming apps as a new approach to get into your personal biz; we mention Candy Crush specifically because of it’s popularity. Now, before we get started, I’m really wanting to stress that my goal here is not to discourage gaming, especially when it comes to good old CC. Much differently, my aim is to create an awareness as to what new avenues hackers are utilizing in an attempt to cause harm.

“But wait, Christina! What do you know about gaming apps? I mean, what do you even know about Candy Crush?”

Well, I know that my nine-year-old niece is way more kung-fu at playing it than I am because she’s on about level 14 billion-and-something while I’m stuck on about level 30-something. Boo.

“Okay, Christina, sorry you’re not doing so well with the CC, but what the hey does your terrible score have to do with hackers?”

I’ll tell you what has to do! A lot! But before I tell you I need to put my ninja stars down so that no-one gets hurt!

Phew. That’s better. Now, please, step into my Dojo.

You see, with any app, any game, or any other function being performed on a smartphone, one runs the risk of inadvertently clicking on some sort of link, ad, etc. In turn, this can potentially infect a smartphone with some pretty disastrous malware and, well, once that link is clicked…BOOM! Welcome to Hackersville, USA, which is now very [in]conveniently located right in the palms of your hands.

Hackersville, USA? I’m so awesome.

But it’s really not that funny. Let me remind us all (even myself), of a simple little something to always keep in mind: our smartphones are smart! Indeed, with specs that include features such as 128GB of storage, assisted GPS, and WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 hotspots, let’s just say that these brainy electronic children of ours are capable of retaining a wide range of personal (sometimes ultra personal) data. That stated, for this post, I want to urge you to take this growing issue somewhat seriously by thinking outside the box a bit when it comes to what kinds of personal information of yours might possibly get hacked into and combed through should your smartphone’s safety be compromised. I find that, for most people, the tampering of their financial information comes to mind first only to be quickly shrugged off with the thought that it’s a fix as easy as calling their bank and cancelling their cards. However, it really does go beyond that. Hackers get into personal texts, voicemails, sensitive company emails, selfies, not-so-selfies (if-you-know-what-I-mean), videos, personal contacts, social media sites that you are more than likely already logged in (and, yes, they will contact your friends and family in an impostrous manner), and much more.

So, having set all of that forth, my hope is that you are starting to question the possibility of your smartphone’s integrity being compromised. If that’s the case, great! So…now what? Well, to start, I’m confident that the video “Smartphone Apps Accessing Phone Photos” which is located in our Home Cyber Videos page titles, will answer a lot of questions you have. It may also bring up more questions and concerns, which is nothing to fret over, as we will continue to post more helpful videos on a very regular basis.


Now, before watching the video, I just want to make it clear that every day life isn’t exactly as Hollywood depicts it to be. Ya’ know, evil brainiacs dressed in funereal meets futuristic clothing, set up with their crazy electronics in their dark rooms with their mountains of electronic equipment…hard at work to monitor all of the wireless traffic being sent out into the immediate universe. Eek, scary thought, right? It’s not the common reality, though. Just go to DEFCON’s Hacker Convention. What you’ll see is a bunch of unassuming looking people who loooove to hack. Actually, on second thought, word of advice: just steer clear of that little shin-dig. Anyway, though, what “Smartphone Apps Accessing Phone Photos” demonstrates is how easy it is for an experienced hacker to gain access personal details about people’s lives via their smartphones.

All righty, then! As mentioned earlier, the video may bring up more questions and concerns. As we mentioned before, there will definitely be more to come in later posts regarding cybersecurity and how it relates to smartphones. I’m thinking that the video we’ve posted here is a great start as far as getting a general understanding that’s not so overwhelming it makes you feel as though your head is getting hit by 14 ninja stars (OUCH!).

So ladies and gents, I say we all take a few deep breaths, maybe pop some popcorn, grab a soda or something, and click on “Smartphone Apps Accessing Phone Photos”, your one of many magical links that will guide you on your path to understanding what savvy hackers can do if you’re not aware of their capabilities.

Take care and stay safe!


Christina Myers

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