About Christina Myers

Hola, I’m Christina Myers, guest blogger to Homecybersifu and initially helped Jeff start this website.  So, Jeff would probably say something like “Christina is key to maintaining this website and blog by making it interesting enough to insure that people revisit it often enough.” Which is true. I mean, for most, cybersecurity is probably not the most fun thing to read about (unless your name is Jeff Wong, of course), so the goal here is to make it both palatable and informational. So, c’mon, let’s get some education on this cybersecurity business!

Seriously, though (and that doesn’t happen often with me….the serious thing, I mean…really. It rarely happens. So please pay attention), cybersecurity is  paramount. Jeff and I both have families and really just want to inform so that you can yours as safe as ours.

In other news, I’m less normal, pretty friendly, loving of people who speak in an articulate manner, and forgiving of people who don’t. I make a killer pancake, and I love eating them as well. And I love syrup. In fact, I get paid in syrup. I’ve worked my way up to three bottles, in fact. Is that a true story? I don’t know. Hit us up for some information and I’ll divulge all my secrets ;)

Although, I have moved onto other career ventures, I still hope to share my thoughts and Cybersecurity when the time allows.  Have a great day and I hope to see you back soon!


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