About Jeff Wong

I am Jeff Wong, your home cyber “sifu”. Now I am not saying I am the world’s foremost expert in cyber security. Far from it. But I do think I have a wealth of knowledge that I would like to teach the home user with respect to cyber security and cybercrime. I have been involve with Information Technology since my college days at Virginia Tech. I was one of the first engineering classes at Virginia Tech which required their engineering students to purchase portable computers as part of the program. I received my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineer, but through my professional career I have worked in engineering, software, and now cyber Security. I have been working cyber security since 2006, and though out that time, I have shared my knowledge of computer and security with family and friends. I am a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and work on embedded cyber security for a large organization as my full time job. I have a passion for cyber security, but also a passion to make sure that all my family and friends are doing what they can to protect themselves from cybercrime.

Through my daily reading and research, I have developed a vast knowledge of cybersecurity in a multiplex of areas. That said, this website/blog is my means to educate individuals and families about cybersecurity issues that are hugely relevant to life and livelihood. My hope is that, as a result of creating this awareness, others will become less vulnerable to the cyber setbacks that happen on more than a daily basis. I am a dad of two wonderful boys, and I want to make sure they grow up in a cyber-secured home so that they can understand how to deal with various cyber aspects/threats while growing up. Long story short, I’m big on keeping families safe, and my goal here is to help you to keep your family safe too from cybercrime and cyber threats at home.


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