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Homecybersifu is a blog/website focused on sharing information related to home cyber security to protect the masses from cybercrime and compromise. Let’s face it, everyone is affected by cybersecurity these days whether they know it or not. It is estimated that 4.9 billion connected things are in use today, and will reach 25 billion by 2020. The Internet of Things has become a powerful force and is a disruptive impact which will be felt across all areas of society.

Googling cyber security yields over 12,900,000 results.  Googling “Home Cyber Security” and there are only 4,200 results. There is a void on websites specifically focused on informing everyday people about how to live a more cyber security lifestyle.  Few blogs/websites are dedicated specifically to security discuss cybersecurity at a level where people with no security background can understand. Most cyber security websites/blogs are highly technical thus only usually visited by those in the cybersecurity career field.

The goal at Homecybersifu is to be your “sifu”, or teacher, to impart my knowledge of cyber that relates to the everyday person.  I am a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and run across cyber information daily.  I lot of the information I run across I believe home users should be aware of. This website/blog will filter out only those details relevant to the home user and describe cyber issues in a non-technical blog discussions.

The goal is for Homecybersifu to eventually be your go-to support resource related to home cyber. I plan to offer the knowledge and various resources that I run across so that you are able to be fully protected from any sort of cyber abuse. Your home is important to you, right? Well, I have a family too. I get it and I want yours to be as safe as mine. So, all that said, be it pertaining to your computer(s), network(s), smartphone(s), tablet(s), appliance(s), automobile(s), etc., I promise to arm you with the virtual nun-chucks needed to protect yourself from intrusive hackers.


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